Swallow International is the business that can combine the World’s leading defense & security information and insight with Powerful analytical tools & bespoke consultancy services to deliver targeted solutions that enable the Security and business professionals to make critical decisions with confidence!

Our long range of Defence Equipments includes:

  • Bullet Proof Vests
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Security Walkthrough Passes
  • Handheld Metal Detectors
  • Handcuffs


The objective lens collects weak ambient light that you cannot see with your eye and focuses it on the Photocathode of the image intensifier tube. The intensifier amplifies the light by many hundred or thousand times and projects the image on the screen. The eyepieces optics beings this projection to viewers eyes.

Should you have any questions regarding Night Vision Goggles, contact us right away!


The high quality Bullet Proof Vests/Jackets we provide are ultra thin, extremely lightweight and of truly exceptionally manufacturing high quality.

It is without question, Swallow International are the perfect choice for all executive protection/close protection officers, and professionals as well as other military contractors.

Metal Detectors

Our experienced team is here to help your company or organization select the best security metal detectors for your needs. We understand the unique requirements of our Security customers. Over the years, we helped many Businesses & Organizations procure the correct security metal detection equipment.